R. K. Sewing Machine

Bar Tacking Machine

The starting, stopping, thread-trimming and automatic presser lifting mechanism of the Bar Tacking Machine have been deigned precisely. The needle's penetrating force into the material has been increased. Our Bar Tacking Machine is known for its neat, harmonious seam on heavy-weight materials. The adjustment of tack length and tack width of our Bar Tacking Machine is simplified with concentrated lubricating. We offer Bar Tacking Machine for catering the stitching needs of various kinds of clothing such as jeans, suits, work wear and children clothes.


Model Name Application Max. Sewing Speed Stitch Length Needle bar stroke Needle Size Lift of Work Clamp foot Number of stitches Hook
SR-1850 For Medium to Heavy Material 2,000 spm 8-16 mm (L) 1.5-3.0 mm (W) 41.2 mm DP x 5 # 14~21 Standard 13 mm 42 Stitches Standard shuttle hook