R. K. Sewing Machine

Buttonhole Sewing Machine

The Buttonhole Sewing Machine, we offer, is suitable for button with two or four holes. Shanked button and other are also can be sewn by equipping with accessories. The Buttonhole Sewing- Machine allows to quickly selecting the number of stitches ranging from 8, 16 and 32 stitches corresponding to the change in sewing specification. Our Buttonhole Sewing- Machine is designed for light and heavy weight material for men, women and children's wear.


Model Name Max. Sewing Speed Number of Stitches Max lift of work clamp Needle bar stroke Length of bottom holes Needle Size Hook



3,000 spm 83~225 (by gearchange method 12 mm (15/32”) 34.6 mm 6.4-38.0 mm DP x 5 # 11~ 16 DP type,Automatic Lubricating fully – rotary type